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Masculinity is such a fragile concept.

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Now remember people, National Coming Out Day is on its way. If you “come out” on facebook as straight and/or cis, an ally, a brony, a fucking whovian, or anything other than a marginalized sexual orientation and/or gender identity, I will ram my boot so far up your ass you’ll be tasting Vans for weeks.

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@OwningMyTruth: White people are so fast to support HK’s #OccupyCentral movement “against authoritarianism”. Where have they been during #Ferguson protests? White people always love to support resistance movements abroad because they don’t force them to hold up a mirror to their own racism

let’s also talk about the fact that the US is probably in large part responsible for most of the unethical practices of China because of like, I don’t know, foreign labor laws and international trade 

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please tell me someone else is thinking real life Attack On Titans…

I was! What’s this from !?

It is attack on titan lol they did this for a subaru commercial in japan

Anonymous asked: y do u think weed culture is lame??



I mean, if you want to smoke weed, cool, but why wear clothes with pot leaves and talk about how big of a stoner you are and pot leaf stickers and man weed is life bruh. For one, that’s a shit life and for two, I really like dogs but I’m not all DUDE I’M SUCH A DOG GUY LOL DOG SOCKS DOG POSTERS DOG SHIRT 420 DOG TIME LOL DOG LIFE DOGS ARE SO GOOD all the time but it’s not my life or my decision to make

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